Dress like a Swede

Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"


Swedes like to dress nicely but informally at work

The basic rule is:

clean and neat

This will appear casual to most foreigners

Running shoes, t-shirt, sweater, jeans

But really it is an art

The jeans and running shoes that the Swedes are wearing

May cost more than leather shoes and a formal outfit

It is important for Swedes to look informal and be comfortable

No one should feel that they are more important than others

Especially not by the way they dress

At work Swedes often change shoes to “tofflor” or “crocs”

Comfortable indoor footwear

Instead of wearing nicely-polished leather shoes

The use of galoshes is not common

Just use rain boots

It is much more practical and no one will mind


"The Swedes" and "Working with Swedes" present many of the unknown social rules in Sweden

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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