Is everyone equal in Sweden?

Source: "The Swedes"

"In Sweden, equality is not about equality of opportunity, it is about equality of results."

This understanding of equality influences many aspects of the Swedish society

the education system

the tax system

the welfare system

the unions

the work environment

the way promotions and public acknowledgement is given

the way public funds are allocated, etc. 


 "The well-being of society prevails over providing individuals with equal opportunities"

When you are struggling 

The Swedish society will help you

When you are succeeding 

You will be asked to help those who are struggling

Rather than being pushed further

so that you can reach your full potential

This is a daily reality in the way Swedish children are raised 

it influences the way people interact for life

And creates the basis for the Swedish egalitarian society

Equality is understood differently in different cultures

I explain different understanding of equality in my TEDx Talk and my books


Source: "The Swedes

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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