Greetings in Sweden

Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"

I lived two years in Spain

In Spain when you enter a shop you say “¡Hola!”

The cashier replies “¡Hola!”

And all the other people in the shop reply “¡Hola!”

It looks a little bit like this

When I came back to Sweden

I entered a grocery store and said "hej!"

Swedes looked at me

In Silence

They wondered why I was saying hi

In Sweden greetings mean something different

You greet when you have something to talk about

When you have something purposeful to say

If you have a reason  

Greetings are more pragmatic

Swedes are not rude

They simply have codes that differs from other cultures

It is often about not disturbing others

And respecting each other’s privacy


“Politeness in Sweden is much more about not disturbing others rather than following strict social rules.”



Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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