Paying for others in the Nordic countries

Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"

In many places around the world

Kids are raised to contribute to a family

To become part of a group

To depend on the group

To contribute to the group


They are shown how to give and take from that group

They should contribute when they can

They will receive if they need

They depend on that group for survival


In certain countries

Working adults may share bank accounts with their parents until they get married

And you do not need to go far away to encounter that

Actually you do not need to get outside Europe



In the Nordic countries, children are raised to become independent and self-sufficient

It influences behavior throughout their lives


Independence is at the core of friendships in the Nordics


"The Swedes" and "Working with Swedes" present many of the unique social rules in Sweden in an simple and entertaining way

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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