Why is he talking to me?

Source: "The Swedes"

I was in Brussels

I was sitting on La Grande Place

A beautiful square in the centre of town

Someone came to sit next to me

And started talking to me

I turned to the man and answered

I then turned back and asked myself

"Why is he talking to me?


Suddenly I realized

"Julien, you are becoming Swedish"

I turned back to the man and said

"Sorry, I live in a country where people to not speak to each other."

The man looked at me with a mix of surprise and astonishment

I had to explain

"In Sweden, people socialize much more within organised activities, you kind of need a reason to speak with others."

This whole situation was surprising in a way 

I come from the French speaking part of Canada

Where such un-frame communication is usual and normal

But for the last six years of my life I lived in the north of Europe

In a remote place called Scandianvia

And it has changed my expectations

I wrote a book about it "The Swedes"

It provides tools for Swedes to understand better how their own behaviours may be perceived

And for foreigners to understand better Swedes' behaviours and reactions


Source: "The Swedes

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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