Swedes and small talk

Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"


Sometimes Swedes greet each other by saying “Hej Hej”

Sometimes they just smile

Sometimes they look down

Sometimes they do not even look at you

Swedes are not rude

Maybe a little shy sometimes


If it is the first time you meet a Swede

It is common to shake hands

And to introduce oneself

If your name is Eva and you are Swedish

You may simply say

”Hi, Eva.”

Omitting the verb and subject in the sentence

It is clear, simple and efficient

A foreigner expecting ”Hi, I am Eva” or “Hi, my name is Eva.”

May be left thinking that you think that she is called Eva




If they ask you “Hur mår du?”

Just reply “Bra tack”

It means that you are fine

Nothing more

Remember that time is everything to a Swede.

Avoid small talk

Swedes will talk to each other if they have a practical reason to do so

Illustrations: Working with Swedes

"The Swedes" and "Working with Swedes" present many of the unknown social rules in Sweden


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