Swedes and Weather

Source: "The Swedish Toolkit"


The climate in Sweden is harsh

This has an impact on the mood,

and Swedes often get depressed during winter

During winter season the sun does not shine in some parts of Sweden
and everything is pitch black

During summer season it is the other way around,

the sun never goes down

This is the period when most Swedes are happy


Swedes never miss a sunny day

You never know when the next one will be

On a warm sunny day, it may be difficult to find someone at work

Swedes may use their vacation day or flexibility

To enjoy the nice weather when it happens

On a sunny day you may be able to make small talk about the weather with Swedes




"The Swedes" and "Working with Swedes" present many of the unknown social rules in Sweden

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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