Swedes and wild cats

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Sweden"


Think of a wild cat

What happens if you come close to it

Move a lot

Make noise

Or try to give it food?

The wild cat will run back into the woods


Same for Swedes


What you need to do is to play a game

You take a string

You play with the wild cat

For days, weeks or years

Then the wild cat may feel comfortable and come closer to you

Because you have played so much and the wild cat is getting hungry

Then maybe the wild cat will sit down a eat next to you


The same for Swedes

Play a game, a sport or take part in frame activities

You will make good Swedish friends that way

Once you are friends, you are friends for life


Swedes are great people

You just need to learn to connect in the way they are used to


Source: "The Social Guidebook to Sweden"

By Julien S. Bourrelle

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