"We believe that internationalization is not just about creating diverse teams, it is about benefiting from diversity." - Julien S. Bourrelle, Author of The Swedes.

The Swedes aim to improve communication within multi-cultural environments in Sweden. 

Our books and blog explain how Swedes socialize, communicate and work by illustrating and explaining typical work and everyday social situations. We also present aspects of life which are different in Sweden from genders roles to the understanding of equality and the hierarchical structures of society. 

It is as important for Swedes to learn how their social behaviours are perceived by outsiders and how communication norms differs when working with people of other cultures as it is for newcomers to understand the Swedish way of doing things.

Our method to explain culture is based on humor and simple illustrations.

The Swedes was written by Julien S. Bourrelle and Working with Swedes by a group of academics from the University College of Dalarna. 

Both books are published by Mondå Forlag, a Scandinavian publisher publishing books about the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish culture.

Mondå Forlag does not receive public or private funding. We are not linked nor support any political party. This project is financed through the sell of books and lectures. If you feel that what we do is important, buy books or book a lecture.  

More information info@theswedes.net