Svensk kultur - Föreläsning av Julien S. Bourrelle

Through entertaining stories and visual examples, you will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional feedback, social norms and Swedish values that influence interpersonal interactions. Swedes and foreigners will learn to understand each other better and communicate more effectively within multi-cultural environments. The lectures improve communication at work and provides a strong platform for foreigners to understand how to connect with the Swedish society. Swedes will become more aware of their own social behaviors and how they may be misinterpreted by foreigners.

"Cracking the Swedish Code" is an eye-opening and entertaining lecture that draws a clear picture of local social behaviors and their meaning. It provides a guide to socialize, communicate effectively and connect within a multi-cultural working environment.

The lecture can also have a broader Scandinavian or Nordic focus, or be given for an international audience not related to the Nordic. The last version is suited for international conference where the audience is interested to gain insights about every day social interactions and misinterpretation of them linked to different cultural viewpoint. 

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Julien S. Bourrelle ( is the author of "The Social Guidebook to Sweden" and "The Swedes". He also wrote two other books about the Scandinavian cultures translated in several langauges.

Julien is considered one of the best public speaker explaining the peculiarities of the Scandinavian cultures.

Julien is a young and energetic French Canadian.. Before moving to Scandinavia, he lived in five countries and learnt to speak four languages. He is educated as a rocket scientist and this is the reason he moved to Scandinavia in 2009 to take his PhD at NTNU in Norway.

His lectures focus on how to benefit from diversity and brings a humorous perspective on Swedish social behaviors. He explains with enthusiasm the peculiarities of the Scandinavian cultures, illustrate how everyday behaviors may be misinterpreted by foreigners and how it leads to cultural misunderstanding. Julien also holds lecture on how to connect with people and is often ask to teach the art of public speaking. 

His work bridging cultures has been widely spread on social media and in the press in Norway and Sweden. He was the guest Anne Lindmo show, Norway's biggest talk show, in 2015. Julien received the TOP 10 award from HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway given to an international role model in the Norwegian working and social life. In Sweden is lectures for different event for the public and private sector. Julien holds around 75 lectures per year.