The Social Guidebook to Sweden
The Social Guidebook to Sweden

The Social Guidebook to Sweden

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This book was replaced by "The Swedes" in june 2018.

We still have a few copies of the book in stock, but we suggest that you buy the new color version here wish has been expended and revised.


 This is your Social Guidebook to Sweden

It takes you through an illustrated Swedish journey

This guidebook is not about typical Swedish behaviours
It is about behaviours that are peculiar to Swedes
Foreigners will fast forward their adaptation
Swedes will learn how their behaviours may be perceived


 "Great insights into the Swedish culture. Julien uses humor cleverly and makes us think - you see your own behaviors from the outside" - Pierre Jansson, CEO Frogner House

"We should help foreigners better understand our norms and values. This book is brilliant! It provides an entertaining approach which connects cultures and prevents conflicts." - Per Strid, Leksands Kommun